CSAT Under the Microscope

A Study by Frame AI

CX leaders know that improving customer satisfaction is one of the keys to long, profitable customer relationships. However, measuring satisfaction is deceptively challenging, and without reliable measurement, customer satisfaction is very difficult to understand, let alone improve.

There are many different approaches to the traditional Customer Satisfaction ("CSAT") survey, but together they represent the most commonly adopted tool for measuring satisfaction. We explored CSAT’s strengths and weaknesses by looking at the overlap between CSAT ratings and our sentiment engine’s automatic annotations. We included all conversations with survey recipients, including non-respondents, and any free-form comments that respondents left alongside their ratings. Below are some of our top takeaways:

  • CSAT Surveys Reflect Many Types of Feedback
  • Good CSAT Ratings Can Mask Serious CX Flaws
  • Bad CSAT Ratings Fail to Capture the Majority of CX Risks
  • The Silent Majority Holds Strong Opinions



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