AI eyes and ears for every account.

Continuously enrich profiles, trigger workflows, and surface trends to stay ahead of every account.

STAG-based AI Continuously Detects From Every Iteraction

  • Turn feedback into predictions
    Customer conversations don't follow organizational silos — customers talk about value perceptions, renewal considerations, and product usability everywhere, from Support tickets to social channels.

    Frame AI interprets feedback everywhere into quantified scores to continuously enrich account profiles and generate insights.

    • Predicted CSAT
    • Churn Risk
    • Purchase intent
    + more

Right-Size Success by Continuously Measuring Costs

  • Passively track your effort
    Calculate the dollar value of time spent servicing each account to right-size SLAs.
  • Surface your cost drivers
    Get to the root causes behind costs by surfacing patterns in service needs.

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