AI trait detection everywhere customers interact.

Detect traits and themes from every customer conversation to continuously enrich profiles and trigger hyper-personalized experiences.

Unlock Your First Party Data with STAG-based AI

  • Continuous trait detection, everywhere
    Detect demographic and psychographic traits in emails, support tickets, call transcripts, and more to continuously enrich customer profiles.
  • Predictive scores for real-time audiences
    Combine predictive signals into quantified scores for everything from purchase intent to competitor consideration to trigger hyper-personalized experiences.

Continuously Query Your Customer Data for Traits and Trends

  • Know more about your customers
    Target demographic and organizational changes, value perceptions, and retention risks in real-time to reduce CAC and improve conversion.
  • Know more about your brand
    Stay ahead of brand value, competitor considerations, and product engagement to build durable marketing programs.

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