Calculate the exact cost of every support ticket.

Not all support tickets are created equal.
Frame AI empowers you to make critical decisions based on hard data.

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Score Every Issue by its True Cost

  • Say goodbye to ambiguous average cost per ticket calculations.
    The Frame AI NLP combines more than 27 configurable factors with your custom signals to demonstrate each ticket's dollar impact on your overall cost of service.
  • Gain clarity beyond ticket counts.
    Discover which tickets eat up more time or require more expensive contributors to resolve. Plus, consider offline processes like log reviews and scheduled calls. If you can measure it, you can improve it.

Reveal Service Cost by Product Area

  • Build a better feedback loop with product
    Support tickets belong to the Support team, but dollars belong to the entire company. Advocate for customers and help optimize the product experience by providing real dollar cost of service for every product area.
  • Empower data-driven headcount decisions
    Knowing how much each product area costs allows leadership to make informed decisions around product priorities. Where Product prioritizes a fix, Support can justify the staffing budget required to service the product issue.

Go Deeper than Generic "Sentiment"

  • Product Friction ≠ Support Frustration
    Picking up generic sentiment or CSAT ratings doesn't tell you the real story. Frame AI guides support teams toward understanding customers and solving their problems.
  • Make informed staffing decisions
    Knowledge is power. Discover which support issues cost the most so you can identify the exact roles and tools needed to improve your operations and foster growth.

Focus on helping your customers — not on guessing support costs.