Superpowers for your not-so-casual chats.

Upgrade Slack with features you need to be ridiculously helpful to customers, partners, and internal teams.

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Customer success, upgraded for the Slack era.

Bridge the gap between informal, productive chat and rigid, efficient process.

Get Focused

Frame monitors important channels so you don't have to.

  • Assign on-call and account owner alerting rules.
  • Get reminded when unresolved conversations linger.
  • Use away messages to set customer expectations.

Get Organized

Frame integrates chat with your existing tools and processes.

  • Retrieve profile and CRM data about conversation participants.
  • Create follow-up tasks in external tools with one click.
  • Tag and push transcripts to other communications tools.

Get Informed

Frame helps you make decisions based on data.

  • Stay on top of conversations with operational dashboards.
  • Measure KPIs: wait times, duration, time per customer, etc.
  • Make hiring, billing, and scheduling decisions with "active time" reports.


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