AI that continuously detects product feedback in every customer interaction.

Automatically query your customer data to quantify organic product feedback wherever it's happening.

STAG-based AI Replaces Research with Continuous Detection

  • An AI pipeline for organic product feedback
    Conventional product feedback tools rely on surveys and clicks with inconsistent participation and limited context. Frame AI detects organic product feedback in emails, support tickets, call transcripts, and more to surface what users truly think and why.
  • Quantified scores and predictions
    Predictive signals across the entire product and customer lifecycle to enrich every customer profile with quantified scores that make it simple to understand where to invest resources to improve usability, engagement, and cost efficiency.

Continuously Query Your Customer Data for Product Feedback

  • Know more about your users
    Detect demographic and psychographic traits to correlate engagement and adoption patterns with user segments.
  • Build confidently with context
    Meta-data and verbatims preserve user context so product teams can identify the ‘why’ behind user behavior quickly, iterate with clarity, and ship confidently.

Unlock customer data for product teams with STAG-based AI

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