Say hello to a sixth sense for all your support cases.

Find the churn risks before your customers can say "cancel." Pre-empt damaging events like churn and bad PR with predictive intelligence about which cases need specialized attention.

Alert Relationship Owners to Churn Risks

  • Automatically alert relationship owners
    Nothing slips through the cracks or gets lost in translation. Natural language AI detects negative language so you can get everyone on the same page while the iron is hot.
  • See risks well before "cancel"
    Why do your customers leave you? What do they find painful? Natural language AI finds the patterns that hurt your business before "cancel."

Predict escalations

  • Spot cases with high business impact
    Jump in and help customers navigate high-urgency issues when the stakes are high. Make your customers heroes, and your agents will be heroes.
  • Give churn-risk customers some extra TLC
    Do you know which customers in your queue have backsliding sentiment scores? Recent SLA breaches? This is your chance to turn things around.

Want to stay ahead of customer expectations?