Arm Product with data-driven insights. 

Your team knows more about your product, warts and all, than the rest of the company. Give your team’s knowledge the authority it deserves with a data-driven voice that drives Product’s priorities.

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87%reduction in time spent reporting to Product 

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36%improvement in time required to influence Product's roadmap

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60%improvement in time required for Product to implement critical changes 

Pinpoint Rough Edges in Your Offering

  • Spot weak links early and often
    High-stakes release going out? Keep automatic eyes and ears on emerging issues before things go off the rails.
  • Discover unknown friction
    Analyzing organic feedback from cases answers the questions you didn’t know to ask.

Contribute High-Value Feedback Straight From the Front-Lines

  • Surface impactful feature requests
    Product’s next game-changing feature? Your support queue is full of rich material.
  • Prioritize product improvements
    Is Product’s roadmap just as backlogged as your queue? Priorities fall into place easily using a data-driven summary of your organic customer feedback.

Why spend hours hunting for the perfect verbatims when you can automatically pull a tailored list?