Clear sentiment signals from 100% of your cases — without more surveys.

Automatic, AI-based sentiment monitoring that captures 100% of your cases. Everything you wish your surveys would tell you, without having to ask your customers.

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74%less manual case review time 

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31%improvement in customer satisfaction

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45%less time spent reporting 

Organic Satisfaction Score

  • Turn up the volume on your quiet majority
    Hear from 100% of your customers based on what they’re already telling you, not just the 20% that answer your surveys.
  • Give churn-risk customers some extra TLC
    Do you know which customers in your queue have backsliding sentiment scores? Recent SLA breaches? This is your chance to turn things around.

The Full Story

  • Go straight to the source
    Trace every score to pivotal moments in your interactions. Spend way less time manually pattern-matching by measuring the actual interaction.
  • Stop taking the heat for non-service-related CX flaws
    Clearly separate service factors from product and policy factors that affect CX. Root cause analysis has never been easier.

Spot unhappy customers and act fast.