Specific sentiment signals from 100% of your cases — without more surveys.

Automatic, AI-based sentiment monitoring that captures 100% of your cases. Everything you wish your surveys would tell you, without having to ask your customers.

Surface Friction Today and Tomorrow

  • Prioritize high-effort CX issues
    New release shaking things up? Confusing new pricing model? Pinpoint today's biggest customer effort drains and prioritize solutions.
  • What's getting harder? What's getting easier?
    Always keep your finger on the pulse of what's giving your customers headaches. Never work toward dated priorities.

Organic Customer Effort Score

  • A balanced approach to measuring customer effort
    Multiple variables combining natural language, operational factors, and time reconcile what customers find hard with what costs them the most time.
  • Reduce survey fatigue
    Measuring customer effort directly means your customers don't have to fill out surveys as often. And you're trying to make things easier, right?

Want to see what you wish surveys would tell you?