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A Big List of Customer Support Resources

By Robbie Mitchell

A growing collection of templates, tips, and guides for working with customers. Photo by Giammarco Boscaro onUnsplash


Team Leadership

Salaries andTitles



Professional Development

  • Learn User Support ( — “A free online course to develop skills in supporting WordPress. The course includes 6 units over 6 weeks and covers the following topics: goals of great customer support, developing your own support philosophy, WordPress troubleshooting, managing challenging users, productivity tools, and support as a career.”

Metrics and Reporting

Customer Ops

3 Questions About Your Customer Support Effort (

A Playbook for Working With B2B Customers in Slack (

Industry-Standard Performance Benchmarks


Voice ofCustomer

  • The Essential Guide to the Voice of Customer ( — “Voice of Customer (‘VoC’) consists of initiatives designed to capture customer insights, close the loop on feedback, and prioritize improvements to produce happy and successful clients.”


Voice &Tone

Improving YourWriting


Incident Response


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