Unify Your
Customer Feedback.

Every Interaction, Every Channel.

Save 6+ business days in team productivity per month

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Cross-Channel CX Measurement 
Out of the Box.

Extract sentiment, customer effort, service cost, and key themes from every interaction across every channel, regardless of whether customers answered surveys

Break down silos for a single, holistic source of truth on the quality of your CX

Aggregate and compare trends across every channel with standardized, customizable metrics

Track KPIs for previously invisible cross-channel issues

Actionable Reporting Stop Analyzing, Start Acting.

Break down silos for a single, holistic source of truth on the quality of your CX

Trace every number to specific underlying moments for ultimate attribution, so you never have to reconstruct change over time

Consolidate all of the metrics and context you need to make decisions into a single report — no more hunting over several sources to demonstrate a theme

Easily demonstrate ROI on CX initiatives

Painless Data Integration Unify Your Customer Feedback with Minimal Effort and Time to Value.

Mine existing channels in minutes, not weeks, with out-of-the-box connectors

Clean and consolidate unstructured feedback from millions of organic and solicited interactions in any channel

Support cases, webchat, call center, Slack channels, surveys, and more — in one view, contextualized with customer attributes

Ready for AI-assisted analysis on day one

Configure with unparalleled ease and flexibility

Upload custom data via APIs

Home-grown case management system? A laundry list of custom fields? Multiple survey vendors? Our intelligent infrastructure and success team can solve any CX data puzzle

Intelligent Integration Minimize Complexity, Maximize Efficiency.

Easily push reports and alerts to the systems that your teams already use

Promptly act on insights with one-click dashboard integrations and automatic alerts to external systems

Push structured summaries of every interaction to any system of record or warehouse

Normalized enrichment for easy querying

Extract data via configurable triggers or scheduled exports