Sentiment, Effort, and Custom Metrics

on Every Interaction, Without More Surveys.

Increase customer satisfaction by 31%

Reduce customer effort by 22%

Reduce cost of service by 17%

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Organic Promoter Score (oPS)
Identify Unhappy Customers, Early.

Stop guessing at “what happened?” Instantly pull organic verbatims and correlated trends supporting every score, so you can pinpoint when and why things change

Instantly categorize every customer you interact with as a likely promoter, passive, or detractor with AI-driven sentiment scores based on your interactions to date, regardless of whether or not they’ve answered surveys

Low response rates? Too many passive ratings? Fill in the blanks about how your silent or neutral majority feel and what they need to become promoters

Instantly spot detractors and take action to get ahead of their expectations before they give you a lousy survey rating or churn

Custom Organic CX Scoring Measure What Matters — To Your Business.

Answer the questions unique to your business that make and break your customer experience

Score any type of customer feedback, from system usability to regulatory compliance to customer expertise with your product

Customize natural language models to capture specific nuances of your customer relationships and measure their impact on your customer experience

Track progress against custom goals, such as decreases in SLA breaches, references to reducing specific issue frequency, competitor mentions, and more

Organic Customer Effort Score (oCE)
Remove Friction Before It Becomes Churn.

Identify, prioritize and address the issues that make life difficult for your customers before they become deal-breakers

AI-based scores balance subjective statements showing how customers feel with objective metrics about what they actually experience

Instantly get a baseline for what high, medium, and low customer effort looks like for your business, based on customer interactions to date

Advocate for customers more effectively with hard data about which rough edges in your CX require the most customer effort

Organic Team Effort Score (oTE)
Reduce Cost of Service and Turnover.

Which problems are harder to solve and why? Rapidly identify and prioritize themes that take more than their fair share of team time and need troubleshooting, process improvement, or additional resources

What do your most efficient interactions have in common? Discover and scale win-win service patterns that resolve customer issues quickly without making your team jump through hoops

Is your team’s time going to your most important relationships? Allocate team resources appropriately across your customer base, and make data-driven staffing decisions

Lighten your team’s load by identifying types of interactions best-suited to self-service functionality or deflection