Sentiment, Effort, and Custom Metrics

on Every Interaction, in Every Channel.

Increase customer satisfaction by 31%

Reduce customer effort by 22%

Reduce cost of service by 17%

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FSAT (Frame AI Satisfaction) Score
More Answers, Fewer Questions.

Mine existing channels in minutes, not weeks, with out-of-the-box connectors

Clean and consolidate unstructured feedback from millions of organic and solicited interactions in any channel

Support cases, webchat, call center, Slack channels, surveys, and more — in one view, contextualized with customer attributes

Custom Metrics Identify and Address What Matters.

Track progress against custom goals, such as decreases in SLA breaches, references to recurring issues, competitor mentions, and more

Score themes that customers raise by friction level, based on urgency and emotional impact

Understand the difference between “nice-to-have” and mission-critical

Customer Effort Score
Measure vs. Survey Effort.

Use the signals your customers use to express effort — a configurable combination of language, length, and timing

Prioritize product, service, and operational improvements based on measurable customer effort impact

Proactively identify and remove friction from your CX

Team Effort Score
Optimize Attention and Effort.

Measure workload, response, and resolution times by case type, theme, product line, customer segment, and channel

Easily identify and address process gaps where it matters most

Prioritize deflection based on measurable team effort impact