Kruze Consulting is a leading accounting, finance, HR, and tax consulting provider for seed and venture capital-funded startups. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kruze found themselves with a challenge that every growing company aspires to face — their customer base was growing at warp speed and their customers, existing and new, were more engaged than ever. 

Suddenly, the volume of daily customer interactions grew exponentially. Accountants, tax professionals, and account managers were accountable to multiples of customers they had previously managed. 

Kruze wrestled with the following questions — How do we scale our excellent customer experience without sacrificing quality? How do we ensure consistency as we rapidly onboard new team members? How do we take on all of these new customers while supporting our team?

Kruze implemented Frame AI to better understand customer sentiment on all of their customer interactions, even going so far as to turn off CSAT surveys. Around the same time, Kruze implemented Bonusly to recognize and reward customer-facing staff for their hard work. Bonusly combines peer-to-peer and 360-degree recognition with meaningful feedback and impactful rewards to keep employees engaged and connected. makes it easy and fun for companies to engage their employees and improve retention and productivity at every level of the organization. 

It wasn’t long before Kruze realized how beautifully Frame AI and Bonusly work together to contribute to their goal of scaling a winning customer and employee experience. Frame AI helps Kruze identify customer moments worthy of recognition. Managers at Kruze can readily pull those insights into Bonusly posts in order to make recognition for customer-facing staff more specific and meaningful.  Together, the combination of Frame AI and Bonusly helps Kruze encourage more winning customer moments and ensures that those winning moments get the recognition they deserve. 

Check out the full case study on how Kruze Scaled Customer and Employee Experience with Frame AI and Bonusly.