Unlocking Natural Language with AI

How a STAG-powered Streaming Platform can close the Data Gap

Companies use structured data like transaction records, clicks, and surveys to drive value across customer experiences, company performance, and shareholder returns. But 80% of customer data remains unstructured—such as emails, social media, and texts—and largely untapped due to the high costs and complexity of working with natural language. The Frame AI Streaming Platform uses a breakthrough AI architecture called STAG (Stream-Trigger Augmented Generation) to:

  • Process and interpret structured and unstructured data automatically
  • Detect traits, trends, and triggers continuously according to domain-specific objectives
  • Enrich customer profiles, organizational workflows and automation across teams

Minding the Gap explores how companies like Twilio, nCino, Pendo, and GitLab reduce costs and drive growth by democratizing natural language data for every team.

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