Leading MarTech Provider Achieved a 65% Reduction in Recurring Tickets, and a 21% Clearer picture higher NPS Rating with Frame AI

A leading provider of marketing technology to thousands of businesses uses Frame AI to take control of their customer voice for a better customer experience. With customers ranging from Fortune 100 fast-casual restaurants to local dry cleaners, the company’s customer voice is as diverse as the customer base. 

The company has CSM coverage across 30% of their customer base. The company’s Support team fields >65k tickets per month in Zendesk, and a Customer Insights team monitors a email alias that receives thousands of emails every month. 

Before working with Frame AI, the company’s primary customer voice signal came from NPS surveys sent quarterly and yielded a <15% response rate. Non-Support CX stakeholders infrequently saw essential insights from Support about account health and product usability. The feedback alias created a massive amount of manual effort with little to show for it. “We’ve always had customer-centric values, but it was just too overwhelming to escalate anything that seemed interesting,” says the company’s Senior Director of Customer Insights. There would be the inevitable questions of ‘What’s the business case? How many customers have this problem, and how much revenue is at stake? What happens if we don’t change this?’ And no one was equipped to confidently answer those questions without an insurmountable amount of manual analysis and spreadsheet hacking, just to guess at the impact.”

The company connected their Zendesk data with an initial goal of identifying the top five drivers of positive and negative sentiment in each customer segment. Within weeks, the Customer Insights team had a clearer picture of CX drivers than ever. One immediate takeaway was that their billing process was the source of many headaches across their hospitality segment. The Support team had spent nearly a collective 24 hours in the last month alone attending to hospitality customers’ billing issues. After making a small modification to the billing process for these customers, customer sentiment was immediately more positive. The team also saw a 63% reduction in tickets about billing from the segment over the next month. At the next year-end, the company saw stronger renewal rates and higher NPS from this segment. 

The next step was to bring in data from the feedback alias to start building toward a holistic picture of the customer voice. Frame AI’s reporting functionality then allowed the team to push structured summaries of critical insights into the company’s business intelligence tool. “Much of our product’s value-add to customers is driven by data science, so eliminating our dependency on internal resources so they can focus on adding material value directly to customers is a huge win for us.” 

“For the first time, the Insights team can scalably evaluate customer feedback with quantitative and qualitative context, and make our customer-centric values a reality.  Frame AI has made a night and day difference in the quality and efficiency of our CX data management. Most importantly, we’re able to make better decisions faster.”

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