Push company-wide action.

CX leaders use Frame AI to stay ahead of problems and drive real business value.

Operations Planning

Higher impact effort, less guesswork.

  • Differentiate between urgent and important work, so that both get attention.
  • Mobilize action faster and with less effort, with hard data.
  • Eliminate silos for a clean, shared view of the customer voice in every channel and at any time.
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Incident Detection and Escalation

Minimize uncertainty and maximize damage control.

  • Detect key CX themes and quantify impact in minutes, not weeks.
  • Trigger escalation where and while it matters, based on what your customers are saying, not just how long ago they said it.
  • Proactively address bumps in the road instead of reactively chasing fall out.
  • Accelerate response by rapidly seeding root cause analyses with examples and lists of impacted customers.
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Health Scoring

More accuracy, less speculation.

  • Multi-dimensional metrics, beyond just time and speed, for multi-dimensional relationships.
  • No surprises at renewal time, and no chasing survey results.
  • Unify scores with cases, CRM, and usage data for a holistic view of your relationship health.
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Tech-Touch Customer Success

Strengthen more customer relationships with fewer resources.

  • Stay in the loop with less friction, using downstream automation that pushes key account and segment level events wherever you need it.
  • Get involved when it matters most with custom alerting on individual cases.
  • Avoid churn by scaling engagement to reduce unknowns across your long-tail accounts.
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Unify Your Customer Voice.

Help Scout

Literally the first time I looked at our data with Frame I saw co-occurences with our tags that I had never seen before.

Maintaining best-in-class customer success has been a huge enabler to our growth, and Frame has been critical in helping with that.

Frame AI makes it much easier to find the "why" driving important behaviors and metrics

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