Take control of your triage process.

Every support queue has a few bombs — tickets that come in angry, urgent, or just expensive to resolve.  AI-based case analysis helps you detect them early, run your most efficient playbook and stay ahead of customer expectations.

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22%decrease in escalations 

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48%uptick in first contact resolution rate

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70%reduction in escalation costs

Predict Escalations

  • Spot cases with high business impact
    Jump in and help customers navigate high-urgency issues when the stakes are high. Make your customers heroes, and your agents will be heroes.
  • Give churn-risk customers some extra TLC
    Do you know which customers in your queue have backsliding sentiment scores? Recent SLA breaches? This is your chance to turn things around.

Prevent Escalations

  • Flag and prioritize at-risk cases on arrival in any system of record
    Dedicate more time to problem resolution. Trade your telephone game for automatic tagging to trigger assignment rules and playbooks.
  • Rally the support you need
    Alert stakeholders like Success Managers and exec sponsors in their workflow tool of choice and call them to action.

Don't get caught off guard. Get an early warning system.