Every case boiled down to bottom-line impact.

Automatically measure service cost for 20/20 vision on opportunities to maximize efficiency and the resources you need to serve your customers — without cutting corners.

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17%reduction in total service cost 

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22%more customers served with existing resources

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25%increase in resolutions per agent per day

Rank Every Issue in Your Queue by Service Cost

  • Proactively make peace with complexity
    Build processes that consider the time and resources required to solve specific issues. Prevent turnover by allocating complex cases across your team.
  • Rapidly expose resource drains
    Sneaky “ad-hoc” issues piling up? Find out exactly how much of your team’s time they take and nip them in the bud.

Attribute Service Cost by Customer

  • Create upstream service cost feedback loop
    Great customers ≠ expensive customers. Hold customer relationship owners accountable to ensure break-even on service costs.
  • Drive data-driven staffing decisions
    Identify the optimal ratio of agents to customers across segments and tiers.

Keep the focus on your team's impact on keeping and growing customers — not how much it costs.