An intelligent membrane that reduces case volume.

Maximize efficiency without cutting corners. Empower customers to solve simple stuff and convert the chaos in your queue into a multi-tasking, problem-solving machine.

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33%reduction in backlogged cases 

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42%increase in self-service interactions

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75%reduction in manual reading and analysis 

Conquer Your Backlog

  • Reduce manual reading and analysis by 75%
    Leave the heavy-lifting to AI. Identify recurring problems 75% faster so you can glide through your backlog and move on.
  • Generate a data-driven punch list prioritized by business impact
    Score case themes by their impact on customer sentiment, effort, and service cost. Accelerate your team’s impact on customer experience and bottom line.

Identify Self-Service Opportunities

  • Save your team’s time for when it’s needed most
    The sweet spot for your agents’ valuable time? Cases where customers truly need them and they can apply the skills you’ve invested in product training and developing workarounds.
  • Prioritize the most impactful documentation
    Creating documentation need not be overwhelming. Identify common case themes and rank them by resolution time.

Convert the chaos in your queue into a problem-solving machine.