A sixth sense for make-or-break cases.

Find the churn risks before your customers can say “cancel.” Pre-empt damaging events like churn and bad PR with predictive intelligence about which cases need specialized attention.

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17%reduction in customer churn 

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86%improvement in  time-to-issue-discovery

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65%reduction in cross-functional coordination time

Alert Relationship Owners to Churn Risks

  • Automatically alert relationship owners to smoke
    Nothing slips through the cracks or gets lost in translation. Natural language AI detects negative language so you can get everyone on the same page while the iron is hot.
  • See risks well before “cancel”
    Why do your customers leave you? What do they find painful? Natural language AI finds the patterns that hurt your business before “cancel.”

An Insurance Policy for Red Alerts

  • Don’t be the last to know
    Which prickly cases lurking in your queue would you prefer to be involved in? Don’t be the last to know when a case requires your attention and action.
  • Cut the red tape and take pre-emptive action
    Customer demanding something non-standard? Cut the right tape and jump in to deliver the right antidote.

Issues are inevitable. Churn isn't. Get ahead of it and coordinate better responsive actions.