Real-Time Communication
That Really Works

Companies use Frame to improve customer satisfaction and
retention, locking in revenue and decreasing churn.

The Key to Better Conversations

Frame helps orchestrate internal and external conversations for your business, enabling teams to:


Facilitate convenient, real-time communication that fulfills everyone’s needs for answers and transparency.


Share rich media content within your preferred chat platform at the click of a button.


Identify the right people and tools for the task at hand, every time.


Pull the data needed for a productive conversation (e.g., knowledge base, CRM data, or product information).


Leverage technology to speed up and improve conversations, while leaning on humans for tasks requiring EQ.


Understand the why behind business outcomes and make better decisions.

Case Study: Insurance

Provide intelligent, efficient customer support for a diverse range of problems,
from retrieving account information to processing claims.

Before Frame

  • Customers call or email with claims inquiries
  • Front-line agents escalate concerns to specialist agents
  • Specialized claim agents call customer back within 48 hours
  • Internal phone/email conversations between multiple agent groups are difficult for management to track and analyze for best practices
  • Customers have difficulty getting immediate assistance with urgent questions

With Frame

  • Customers use Facebook Messenger to initiate a conversation
  • Top three questions can be answered automatically using mobile-optimized content
  • Customers can escalate to front-line agents, who work in Slack
  • Inquiries are automatically turned into lightweight tickets and tracked within Slack
  • Agents escalate and collaborate within Slack, without disturbing the customer conversation
  • Customers get both immediate help and asynchronous updates in their Messenger inbox
  • Management sees overall analytics, ticket metrics, and full transcripts containing multiple channels in one timeline