Special Report:
Turning Customer Feedback into Action

How to leverage the customer voice for industry-leading CX 

Amid rising customer expectations, more organizations are competing on customer experience than ever. Organizations are realizing that listening to customers is not enough, and those with industry-leading CX are differentiating themselves by acting on customer feedback. 

However, there is still a clear gap between customer expectations and what many organizations have the resources to deliver. A recent CCW Digital survey asked respondents to what extent they felt companies valued their feedback — a combined 75% of respondents selected “somewhat” and “slightly.” 

Some of the most important customer feedback is unstructured and has traditionally been difficult to harness. As a result, many organizations struggle to use customer feedback to improve CX quality. It’s time to solve for the customer experience gap. 

This report examines:

  • The critical role that customer feedback plays in strong customer relationships 
  • How to avoid common mistakes organizations make when collecting and leveraging customer feedback
  • Best practices for converting customer feedback into industry-leading CX 

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