Conversation analysis that grows with your company.



Complete Backfill
2-Week Visibility
1 Neural Tag


$800/month base

Complete Backfill
Full Visibility
10 Neural Tags
Trending Topics
Includes 10k Msgs/Month


Custom pricing

Complete Backfill
Full Visibility
Unlimited Neural Tags
Trending Topics
Volume Pricing
Custom Data Retention
Custom Data Sources
SSO and virtual private cloud

Connect Your Data.


Feature Comparison





Data Capture

Data visibility 2 weeks Full history Custom retention
Automated backfill 2 previous weeks Complete history Custom duration
Intercom source
Zendesk source
Coming soon
Slack source
Coming soon
Drift source
Coming soon
Salesforce source
Coming soon
Custom sources


Search & filter
Search all conversations
Instant, shareable dashboards
Neural Tags
Automatically tag new matches
1 Tag 10 Tags

Linked identities

Merged tags
Basic links
Contacts, organizations
Custom CRM links
Contacts, organizations

Governance and Security

GDPR-compliant DPA
Role-based permissions
Two-factor auth
Custom SSO
Virtual Private Cloud


Seats Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Included messages
Human chat/email messages per month
10,000/mo Custom volume
Extra messages $0.05/msg Custom volume


Email & web chat Standard Priority White glove service
Dedicated Slack channel
Designated CSM
  Join Waitlist Talk to Sales Talk to Sales


All plans are billed annually.

I sleep easier knowing Frame is paying attention to our VIP customers and helping my team prioritize their needs.

Chris McCraw
Chris McCraw
Head of Support, Netlify

Literally the first time I looked at our data with Frame I saw co-occurences with our tags that I had never seen before.

Shaun Van Weelden
Shaun Van Weelden
Success Engineer, Engagio

Maintaining best-in-class customer success has been a huge enabler to our growth, and Frame has been critical in helping with that.

Jason Davis
Jason Davis
CEO/co-founder, Simon Data

Common Questions

Do you have a free plan?

Soon. We're temporarily prioritizing the onboarding of paid customers (and trials). When we're ready, we'll send invitations to people on the free waitlist.

Is there a free trial of the paid plans?

Yes! To try the Team or Business plans, please contact us.

How does billing work?

Frame uses your historical data volume to determine your projected volume for an annual contract. There are no extra charges for message volume during the contract period.

What's a Neural Tag?

Using your existing tags and tagged conversations, Frame will suggest other conversations that look like they might belong to a tag. If you apply the tag, it will remain attached to the conversation when viewing in Frame along with any imported tags and manually applied tags.

What does "backfill" mean?

When you connect to a new data source, Frame imports historical data, enabling you to see search results and analytics on your previous chats and emails. The backfill speed is typically limited by the source system's API rate limits.

What does "visibility" mean?

Free plans can search and report on the most recent two weeks of data. Paid plans have no visibility restrictions.

Do contacts from multiple sources merge automatically?

Frame automatically links contacts by email address. To use a CRM or a custom input as your source of truth on aggregating contacts, contact us.

How are organizations linked across source systems?

Frame automatically links organizations (as defined by source systems) by matching the email domains of org users, excluding free and personal email providers. To use a CRM or a custom input as your source of truth on aggregating orgs/accounts, contact us.

How are tags linked?

Frame automatically links tags from separate source systems if they are exactly the same name. The link is visible when restricting a search to a specific tag.

How are human messages counted?

Each message submitted by person in a chat conversation counts as one message. Messages sent by apps and bots are not counted unless they are using a real user's API token to send messages on behalf of a person. Each email sent by a person counts a one message. Automated emails (e.g., acknowledging receipt of a new case or asking for a CSAT rating) do not count.