Unlock What Makes and Breaks CX

Organic customer feedback is the key. It’s all of those “I wish I could…”, “How do I…”, “It’s not clear that…” statements customers make every day across channels that help explain and predict the behaviors we want to encourage and avoid — from survey ratings to churn and expansion. It’s the CX team’s key to understanding what themes move the needle on customer sentiment, effort, and outcomes for customers and their business.

Frame AI’s Natural Language Understanding (“NLU”) engine brings structure to your unstructured organic customer feedback. We automatically measure customer sentiment and effort and identify actionable themes driving your customer experience across organic interactions in every channel. We save thousands of hours taking the heavy-lifting out of analyzing customer feedback, and the mystery out of CX measurement so that CX teams can make better decisions and take actions that drive ROI.

Intelligent Actions to Save Today

Swoop in and save the day. Signals from real-time organic feedback allow you to drive real-time CX improvement. Stop negative sentiment and high effort in their tracks by leveraging automation that drives next-best actions based on customer language in organic interactions. Get ahead of customer expectations by predicting and preventing escalations based on customer language. Prioritize cases according to business impact, instead of ‘first-in, first-out’, and make sure they fall into the right hands for prompt attention and action. Alert relationship owners to fluctuations in sentiment and effort, and trigger alerts based on emerging themes.

Data-Driven Insights to Win Tomorrow

Which feature will have the greatest impact on reducing customer effort? Which customers will be most upset if we don’t fix this issue? Is it worth changing the pricing model? Answer questions and make decisions with data-backed insights, not anecdotes. And never walk into a meeting again without the answers to “why?” Rapidly discover themes and watch trends that drive sentiment, effort, and outcomes, and inform more data-driven, customer-centric decisions. Turn information into insight by understanding the impact of customer feedback, trade-offs, and inaction. Organic feedback brings the volume and detailed verbatims with context you need for compelling business cases that inspire more customer-centric decisions, from your product roadmap to your contact center to the billing department.

Measure and Improve Core Elements of Your Customer Experience 

Reduce cost of service by


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How Feedback Intelligence Works 

Unify all of your customer feedback into a single hub

Automatically measure sentiment, effort, operational costs, and key themes on every interaction

Identify and prioritize the feedback that moves the needle for your customers and your business

Share rich custom CX reporting aligned with every team’s operations

Activate feedback and measure ROI

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