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What is Frame?

Invite @frame anywhere you want assistance, shared channels and private groups. Frame helps your team stay highly responsive and productive — with less effort.

For managers, Frame analytics help you understand where your team's time is spent so you can more reliably design availability, hire new people, price billable time, and invest in reusable content.


  • Alerts. Designate an on-call team to be alerted when new conversations start, and an optional team-wide alert if no one responds. Set away messages to manage customer expectations during off-hours. Get inactivity reminders for unresolved conversations to help ensure they reach a conclusion.
  • Conversation Feed. When a new conversation starts, Frame generates a summary card in a central feed channel for your team, then updates it throughout the conversation.
  • Customer Profile Enhancement. Get background on the location, company, and title of participants who aren't on your team, including shared channels.
  • Analytics. With email reports, get unprecedented visibility into where you and your team's time is spent. Understand "active time" by customer, by agent, day of week, and more.
  • Pro and Enterprise Upgrades. Upgrade for escalation schedules, CRM and project management integrations, operational web dashboards, and more.

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