Do Serious Support — in Slack.

Respond to email, internal chat, and remote support from one place.
Push conversation records to the support and task management tools you already use.

Stay Available

Extend your customer's team. Whether you're talking to peers, guests, or customers in another Slack team, Frame helps your team stay highly available.

  • Peer Support
  • Guest Support
  • Remote Slack Team Support

Respond Reliably

Never miss a question. Organize new requests, find the right person to respond, and communicate clear ownership.

  • Frame Feed
  • Escalation & SLA Notifications
  • Conditional Routing
  • Clear Ownership

Chat Effectively

Never wonder what to do. Bring the right knowledge, people, and customer context into a conversation to answer questions accurately.

  • Knowledge Base Insertion
  • Tagging
  • Private Collaboration

Connect Existing Tools

Never wish you were in another system. Enrich new conversations with customer data, trigger actions, and automatically export conversation records to existing tools.

  • Customer Enrichment
  • On-Demand Actions
  • Automatic Export

Reflect & Invest

Never wonder what's working. Use analytics, transcripts, and insights to understand your team's needs.

  • Operational Summaries
  • Drill-Down Analytics
  • Transcript Searches
  • Enterprise Customization