Senior Software Engineer - Platform

About Frame AI

Frame is focused on being every company’s personal Voice-of-Customer data team, delivered as a SaaS application. Frame actively listens across channels and acts as an early warning system that delivers prioritized customers, themes, and team behaviors that need attention, to increase the quality of the customer experience and avoid churn.

We help customers be heard.

Frame has some great advantages for an early-stage startup:

  • Our founding team has deep experience, education, and network and is intensely collaborative

  • We are backed by some of the East Coast’s top VCs (FirstMark, Greycroft, G20, and others)

  • We have prestigious customers of diverse size and industry paired with sustained growth

  • We are working on some of the most exciting technical challenges of our day, accelerated by recent advances in natural language technology research and deep learning

  • We offer an opportunity to have major impact on challenging problems, surrounded by supportive coworkers with competitive pay and great benefits including a generous family leave policy

Engineering at Frame means embracing tried-and-true technologies while building valuable core technology that delights our customers. We are experienced software developers and data scientists, so our systems are fun to hack on because it’s easy to run code in your IDE and then take it quickly to production. We have code review and automated tests. We have outstanding reliability that won’t keep you up at night and easily debuggable logs and alerts so you can react with confidence if anything goes wrong. Our engineering fundamentals are strong, and they let us explore challenging and valuable problems.

Frame is a professional and intellectual community, with supportive and talented people who are proud of what they build. Our collaborative environment is an ideal place to deliver to your potential while bringing more attention, listening, and understanding to the conversations people have with the companies serving their everyday needs.

This Role

As a Senior Platform Engineer at Frame, you will lead major projects supporting rapid growth in the conversations we ingest and in the quantity and sophistication of NLP models we deploy to help customers read and understand their conversations at scale. Frame ingests conversations in near real-time as they occur, and those messages cascade through a web of systems that provide incremental value for our customers. You will make sure every message receives the attention it deserves, and that the results of data cleaning and inference steps are available for efficient delivery to various endpoints including a visually engaging web application, HTTP endpoint triggers, and email alerts.

You will also design and implement high-impact projects to support growth such as introducing partitioning schemes into our data layer, increasing our resilience to service disruption scenarios, and enabling innovative new product functionality around semantic search and topic clustering. If you are not already experienced building AI/ML services, you will receive strong mentorship from our leadership team. You will also make sure that we continue to be exemplary integration partners with the biggest and most influential customer support tooling providers, and that we continue to expand the quantity and quality of data sources we ingest.


  • Significant RDBMS expertise (preferably Postgresql) including schema design, query optimization, and data migration techniques

  • Intermediate or greater Python language ability and past or current expert-level knowledge of at least 3 industry-relevant programming languages including SQL

  • Proven track record as a lead maintainer of multiple systems deployed in a complex technical environment for at least 6 months consecutively

  • Demonstrated ability to go deep on technologies such as network stacks or database system internals where they have a big impact on engineering outcomes

  • Strong security fundamentals including knowledge of common authentication protocols and authorization mechanisms

  • Experience coordinating a zero-downtime deployment strategy on a live system

  • Demonstrated ability to balance challenging constraints in go-to-market speed, product capability, available resources, and impacts on a roadmap

  • Experience building HTTP services and RESTFul APIs

  • 5+ years of professional software development experience


  • Experience building publicly accessible APIs including auth tokens and scopes, rate limiting, API design

  • Familiarity with Machine Learning and Data Engineering tools and approaches

  • Knowledge of low-level networking including protocols, routing, DNS, and system implementations

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