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About Frame

Frame AI helps companies listen actively to their customers. Building a competitive customer experience means communicating with customers on many channels: marketing chat, support help desks, communities, surveys, social… When these are handled by different teams, the data and operations are often siloed, preventing companies from understanding and acting on signals that would be obvious to a single listener.

By using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to identify and organize unstructured customer feedback, Frame AI provides large service organizations an efficient way to act upon a unified view of feedback locked within thousands of conversations spread over different channels. Frame AI deploys an early warning system that delivers prioritized customers, themes, and process gaps needing attention directly to the staff whose actions increase the quality of the customer experience and prevent churn.

This Role

This role is for an engineer who will maintain and extend the capabilities of an innovative data pipeline powering cutting-edge machine learning, alerting, and reporting capabilities. You will coordinate and synchronize the unification and enrichment of millions of conversations using distributed iterator patterns, database locks, and other reliable techniques.

The base pay for this role is $160,000 - $200,000 per year. You are also eligible for employee benefits and company equity grants.

What You’ll Do

  • Develop and optimize production deployments of state of the art NLU systems. You will collaborate with Frame AI’s data science staff using innovative shared code and test methods that enable continuous delivery of cutting edge research to stable, secure production environments.
  • Write job control and monitoring logic for core services in Python. You will ensure that Frame AI never misses a message and that services are visible, reliable, and maintainable.
  • Solve complex relational data modeling challenges. You will dive deeply into schema designs that meet critical business logic requirements. You will impact the fundamental ways that data organization enables product behaviors, and you will identify tradeoffs in complexity and product value all the way down to the core data layer.

Who We’re Looking For

  • Alert judge of technical risks. You recognize risks to critical data infrastructure and have experience protecting it from costly errors.
  • A continuous improver. You resist impulsive technical choices and work effectively with other senior staff to manage and implement a backlog of high impact projects.
  • A manuals reader. You have demonstrated success learning unfamiliar technologies and you frequently consult documentation to get the most out of your systems.
  • Seeks a startup environment. You appreciate having a high impact role and bringing exciting new technologies to market. You respond constructively to change and team up with others who rise to the challenge.
  • At home in the cloud. You jump easily from your local command-line to SSH terminal sessions, and you are comfortable working with AWS.
  • Willing contributor. You are ready to solve important problems as they arise, even when they lead you into other projects or dependencies. This curiosity and knowledge allows you to better understand systems in their totality.
  • Inclusive collaborator. You view communication as one of your strongest skills.

Working at Frame AI

Frame AI is an environment where skilled engineers thrive. Our existing infrastructure works reliably so you can be productive on new objectives. We embrace development and testing practices that will let you leverage your skills, making far-reaching changes that you can deploy easily and repeatedly. Our team consists of senior staff who are supportive and skilled collaborators, and this role reports directly to one of the technical co-founders. Here, you can exercise and push the limits of your software engineering skills while working with a top-notch data team on challenging, relevant, and high-impact problems.

Frame AI is a diverse team motivated by both individual and team success. We embrace empowering people with clear objectives and supportive resources so they can get their work done effectively and then do other things they care about during time off. We learn quickly from failures and celebrate successes. We offer competitive compensation and benefits.


  • 1+ years using PostgreSQL 9+ or similar RDBMS in a complex time series or data product setting
  • 2+ years using Python 3.6+ within a multi-service production system
  • Experience as a project owner of a key production data infrastructure component for 1 year or more consecutively
  • Experience using and extending relational data models
  • Advanced knowledge of Python 3 syntax and semantics including effective use of context managers and type hinting
  • Familiarity with Python GIL and other key runtime features affecting data applications
  • Experience using memory debuggers and profilers to optimize Python 3 applications
  • Strong fundamental engineering skills including proper use of standard data structures and algorithms, reproducing issues and debugging programs, and awareness of systems concerns such as networking and process management
  • Excellent communicator across modes from technical designs, daily progress updates, code reviews, and responding to production incidents
  • Ability to be productive in a remote work setting
  • Experience using Pandas, numpy, and other scientific Python libraries a plus
  • Experience with *nix command-line core utilities a plus

Other Notes

  • Frame AI is based NYC, but this role is open to remote applicants.
  • This role is not eligible for immigration/visa sponsorship in the US.

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