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Infographic: 5 Benefits of Using AI to Measure Team Effort

By Mary Cleary

Measuring team effort with AI surfaces widespread problems 88% faster

CX teams measure team effort to understand and manage their overall cost of serving customers and to cultivate happy and engaged teams that play a starring role in great customer experiences. Team effort can also make a huge difference in popular metrics like employee promoter scores (“EPS”), quality assurance (“QA”), and operational metrics like case resolution times and escalation rates. When customer-facing employees’ jobs are harder than they need to be, CX teams often see high turnover rates and low EPS scores, lower QA scores, more escalations, and delays in case resolution times — the list goes on. And each of these unfortunate side effects increases your cost of service and creates stubborn obstacles that stand in the way of improving customer experience.

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Measuring Team Effort

By Mary Cleary

Why Measure Team Effort?

Team effort is the collective amount of time that customer-facing teams allocate to supporting your customer experience.

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