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Case Study: How Kruze Consulting Uses Frame AI and Bonusly Together To Improve Customer Experience and Employee Experience

By Frame AI

With Bonusly and Frame AI together, Scott's team can


Kruze Consulting is a leading accounting, finance, HR, and tax consulting provider for seed and venture capital-funded startups. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kruze found themselves with a challenge that every growing company aspires to face — their customer base was growing at warp speed and their customers, existing and new, were more engaged than ever. 

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Infographic: 5 Benefits of Using AI to Measure Customer Sentiment

By Mary Cleary

67% of customers declined to respond to surveys following detractor moments2

Happy customers tend to stick around, grow, and publicly advocate for your business. Unhappy customers often churn and can deter others from doing business with you. According to Temkin, after a poor experience, 22% of customers reduced spend and 19% terminated their relationship with the company entirely. According to Zendesk, 54% of customers share bad experiences with more than five people. It’s impossible to overstate the value of customer advocacy and the cost of vocal detractors.

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Measuring Customer Sentiment

By Mary Cleary

We recently discussed why high-impact CX needs high-impact measurement and, more specifically, measuring customer effort. This post focuses on measuring customer sentiment with organic customer feedback.

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