According to an October 2023 Gartner survey, 73% of CIOs plan to increase AI investments in 2024. Yet, only 40% of businesses have an AI strategy, and just 38% believe their AI use differentiates them from competitors (Deloitte).

AI strategies often falter between low-level developer tools and embedded platform features. To truly differentiate, businesses need a portfolio approach:

  1. Embedded AI boosts team efficiency but doesn’t integrate comprehensively with unique business strategies.
  2. Knowledge Assistants (RAG) enhance workforce efficiency by querying internal data but remain reactive.
  3. Streaming AI (STAG) adds proactivity, continuously querying dynamic data to unify and amplify AI impact across the organization.

An AI portfolio allows for a balanced approach, integrating off-the-shelf solutions while fostering innovation. Companies that master this balance will outpace those sticking to a monolithic AI strategy.

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